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Our system can get you a test date
months in advance ⚡

Why you can’t find
any test dates

Same reason you won’t be able to afford a house: a bunch of boomers keep buying them up in order to re-sell them at extortionate prices.

But that's not all... the DVLA is having to deal with a massive backlog from the bad ol' COVID days.

And because of how difficult it has been to secure a date in the past, people now tend to book dates months in advance even if they don't plan on actually taking the test.

A lot of these ultimately end up being cancelled/rescheduled, and that's where we come in: we'll scoop up a date for you before anyone else gets a chance 😎

How it works

  • 1.

    Enter your test details

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    Select preferred test centres & availability

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    Our system will monitor cancellations 24/7

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    We’ll automatically book the new date for you

Start driving
months earlier

You've had enough lessons,
save money by taking your test ASAP.

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Icon for the feature 'Monitoring System'

Monitoring System

Our system automatically checks for new cancellations every few minutes.

Icon for the feature 'Instant Automatic Booking'

Instant Automatic Booking

Sweep up the date as soon as it become available, beating all the bots.

Icon for the feature 'Choose own dates & times'

Choose own dates & times

Set your own schedule so we know when you’ll be available.

Icon for the feature 'Select Multiple Test Centres'

Select Multiple Test Centres

You can choose up to 5 test centres you’d be happy taking the test at.

Icon for the feature 'Unlimited Usage'

Unlimited Usage

Re-book as many cancellations as you need until you pass.

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Money Back Guarantee

Get a full refund within 14 days if we can’t find you an earlier test.

Pull up in your whippp
sooner than ever

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Ready to get your

For a single payment of

GBP 14.99
  • The most advanced booking system

  • Unlimited bookings until you pass

  • Money-back guarantee